Our Process

Getting A Quote

Price is always the first question we are asked.

Because of that, to make our process more efficient, we provide our clients with a quote before we schedule an appointment. That way, during our initial meeting, we can focus on the details of the transformation like design, refacing, and materials. Our quoting is 95% accurate based on photos.

To get a quote, first, fill out the Estimate Request Form on our website and attached overview photos of your cabinetry.

Next, the office staff will provide you with a proposal within 5-7 days of receiving your Estimate Request Form.

You can then review the proposal and reply with any questions.

Once you are ready, we will set up your shop appointment with the owner or office manager in our showroom.

Shop Appointment

This is where the fun begins!

This is a crucial part of our process. This free consultation is where we will show you exactly how we will transform your kitchen, and the owner can answer your questions and provide you with advice and recommendations based on his 20+ years of experience and expertise.

You will be able to touch, feel, and see a refaced kitchen, and our hundreds of door, finish, and hardware samples.

We will discuss your project in detail, including custom modifications and additions, and gather ideas about your cabinetry transformation.

You can pick out doors, colors, and hardware samples for the owner to bring to your home at your measurement appointment so you can see them in the light of your own kitchen.

Home Measurement Appointment

This is when you become a client!

The owner will meet with you at your home with your chosen samples to measure your cabinetry, finalize your design, and confirm the details of your project.

We will schedule your installation at this point.

The 7-Step Refacing Process

  1. Homeowners will make sure that all applicable cabinets, drawers, and countertops are cleared and emptied, and make space available in driveways, garages, living rooms, patios, etc.

  2. When the crew arrives, they place pads and protective materials on surrounding surfaces, and set up tools.

  3. The crew removes the old doors, drawer fronts, drawer boxes, molding, etc.

  4. Getting started - The crew installs the new veneer on the exterior of the existing cabinet frames.

  5. Once the veneer is complete, the new doors, drawer fronts, drawer boxes, soft-close hinges and drawer guides, molding, etc. are installed.

  6. The crew completes final touches including installing knobs/handles, etc.

  7. Clean up.

Is Refacing for You?

  1. Refacing is a complete and permanent transformation of your cabinetry with brand new American-made doors, drawer fronts, veneer, soft-close hinges, and hardware.

  2. There is no need to sand the cabinet boxes before our veneer is installed.

  3. There is limited disruption of kitchen usage. You can use your kitchen at the end of every day.

  4. Refacing installations only take up to 5 days in your home.

  5. Refacing is a great alternative to custom cabinetry because it has little environmental impact, does not require a permit, and does not require countertops to be replaced.

  6. Refacing is a great alternative to refinishing/repainting because it does not require painting, fumes, or sanding in your home. All painting, sanding, and finishing takes place in our shop.

  7. Refacing allows you to transform the look of your cabinetry style and finish without replacing your cabinets completely.